Georges Clemenceau

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Georges Clemenceau

-Nicknamed The "Tiger"- Committed to Republicanism - Causing him to have conflict with Napoleon - Became Prime Minister of France in late 1917- Wanted to convince the allies to consider the idea of a unified military, under commander Fredinand Foch-Clemenceau was determined to humiliate Germany at the Paris Peace Conference-Alscace Lorraine needed to be back in French hands


-After becoming allies with the United States and Britain, France was able to make progress in WWI and after WWI-Clemenceau wanted to be too hard on Germany and this could have potentially resulted in Germany and their starting of WWII-Through this harshness, Clemenceau was able to get Alsace Lorraine back to the French

Vive La France!


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Georges Clemenceau


The 1919- Paris Peace Conference


1841- Clemenceau is born1870- Mayor of Montmatre1902-1920- Senator of Var until 1906-Minister of Home Affairs1914-1917- Critic of Military incompetence1917- Prime Minister of France1920- Political stardom declines


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