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George Washington

*President Washington was unanimously elected twice by the electoral college to serve both of his terms as president.* He set up his own presidential cabinet consisting of only four members. - Thomas Jefferson - Alexander Hamilton - Henry Knox - Edmund Randolph* In the middle of Washington's first term, his administration split into two groups that would later become the Democratic-Republican Party and the Federalist Faction.* Washington signed the first copyright law. This law protected books and maps as well as other original works.* George Washington insisted upon staying nuetral rather than taking the sides of the British or French in foreign affairs until the U.S. could grow stronger. This allowed the nation to quickly pay off debts owed to the French from the Revolutionary War. * Washington helped establish the federal government, uniting the states, and creating a stronger country.* He was able to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion, and convinced the farmers who rebelled that the government was firm and that the whiskey tax was essential to the nation.* Washington signed the Treaty of San Lorenzo, openning up the Mississippi River to American Navigation. This set up a boundary between the United States and Florida at the time.* President Washington signed the Jay's Treaty with Great Britain. This treaty forced the British to leave western forts.* During his presidency, Washington ordered Anthony Wayne to fight against Native American tribes in a coalition led by Miami Chief Little Turtle. This allowed the United States to gain large portions of land.

Why He's My Favorite

Personal Life

Born: February 22, 1732Home State: VirginiaWife's Name: Martha WashingtonChildren's Names: (Step-children) John Parke Custis and Martha Parke CustisEducation: Washington was homeschooled until 16 years old, but never went to college.Wealth: Washington was a wealthy child, and inherited Mt. Vernon when his brother died.

I am partial to George Washington because he built up the country known today as the United States and set an example for all presidents following him. He was an intelligent man who knew what was best for the country, and made the correct decisions when put in difficult situations. Subsequently, Washington refused a third term as president, proving that he was strong enough to resist the lure of power. This action separates him from other officials because he did not wish to overstay his welcome as president.

After Presidency...

After George Washington ended his second and final term, he retired to Mt. Vernon. There, he spent three calm years in retirement until he contracted a throat infection called epiglottitis. He died at age 67 on December 14, 1799.


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My Favorite President: George Washington


Washington was the first United States President, and he served eight years. (1789-1797)

Years in Office


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