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George Washington

The Battle Of long Island, also referred to as the Battle of Brooklyn Heights took place on Tuesday, August 27, 1776. The American troops were implanted in the outskirts of New York City on a series of hills in Brooklin led by George Washington. Unfortunately, the British had a new leader, General William Howe, who was more prepared than ever. He prepared 400 warships consisting of thousands of troops and 16 cannons ready to attack. This battle was one of the most important battles of the American Revolution. In the end, the Americans lost the battle. This war was an advantage for Britain to gain all independence over the colonies of America.

George Washington's Role

The Battle was prepared, started, and ended in April to August of 1776 in Brooklyn, New York along the Island of Long Island.If George Washington hadn't led the soliders out of the Battle of Long Island, the American Revolution would have ended and independence wouldn't be claimed

George Washington

Battle Of Long Island

Battle Of Long Island

George Washington prepared for war at New York. He marched 19,000 soldiers to Lower Manhattan in mid-April. He guarded and strengthened the constructed forts and harbors starting in northern Manahattan along the East River of Long Island. Washington waited through July for the British troops. Later in July, George Washington noticed the extreme forces of the British. General William Howe sent about 30,000 men with 400 ships to the island. Washington then sent more troops to Brooklyn, New York. Washington placed General Israel Putnam in charge of Brooklyn Heights and ordered General John Sullivan to the heights of Guan. He stationed more gaurds along the border of the Heights. On August 26, General Howe planned to attck with 10,000 soliders on the Americans on the Brooklyn Heights. In the morning of August 27, British attacked the American troops. Washington tried moving more men on the East River but failed to do so. The British soon surrounded them by passing the Jamaica Pass and capturing General Suvillian. George Washington was defeated and led 400 soliders out of Long Island.

Year of the Battle Of Long Island

How was George Washington Involved with the Battle of Long Island??


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