George Washington

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George Washington

George Washington was born on February 12, 1809. When George became older, George Washington became Commander-in-Chief. As Commander-in-Chief, Washington was a very brave leader. A tactic that he used was a strategy of surprise attacking. George Washington is famously known for being our first President of the U.S. Even though George Washington's death was sad to many people that lived during his time, he did many things when he was President and Commander-in-Chief.


February 12, 1809 - Birth DateJanuary 6, 1759 - MarriageApril 30, 1789 - Became the First President of the U.SDecember 14, 1799 - George Washington dies

George Washington became our First President.Became Commander-in-Cheif of the Continential Army.Established the United States federal judiciary.


George Washington is a hero. George is a hero because he did many things to win the war. George was also a very smart man. He's a smart man because he was able to cross the Delaware River and sneak attack the Hessians.


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