George Washington

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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George Washington

*Born Feb 22, 1732*Born in Virginia*Mother: Mary Ball Washington*Father: Augustine Washington*Religion: Episcopalian



Accomplishments* He was the first President of the United States.*Appointed General of the Continental Army.

25 facts about him

Early Years

Where i got the info.''George Washington'' By: Anne Welsbacher.and''George Washington and the American Revolution'' By: Dan Abnett

During the war*In1753 he lead a group of men to fight French claims.*In 1773 the Boston Tea Party Occured.*In 1783 The Treaty Of Paris was signed ending the war.

Deceased*He died in 1799.*He was 67 when he died.*He died of phemonia.

Challenges*He had no presidents to follow.*He faced a dangerous international situation.*France and Great Britain were embroiled in a war with America.

Contributions*He kept us from getting in to foreign nations' wars.

Interesting facts*He started school when he was six years old.*He married Martha Dandridge Custis


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