George Washington

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George Washington

Little is known about George Washington's childhood, which fostered many of the fables later biographers manufactured to fill in the gap. Among these are the stories that Washington threw a silver dollar across the Potomac and after chopping down his father's prize cherry tree, he openly confessed to the crime. It is known that from age seven to fifteen, George was home schooled and studied with the local church sexton and later a schoolmaster in practical math, geography, Latin and the English classics. But much of the knowledge he would use the rest of his life was through his acquaintance with backwoodsmen and the plantation foreman. By his early teens, he had mastered growing tobacco, stock raising and surveying.

Important EventsBecame President on April 30, 1789

General Washinton

Throughout his life, he would hold farming as one of the most honorable professions and he was most proud of Mount Vernon. He would gradually increase his landholdings there to about 8,000 acres.

George Washington


In July, 1752, George Washington's brother, Lawrence, died of tuberculosis making him the heir apparent of the Washington lands.


Start: April 30, 1789 End: March 4, 1797Washington was President for 8 years. His V.P. was John Adams.

Presidential Term:


Birth and Death

Born: February 22, 1732Death: December 14, 1799


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