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George Washington

George Washington as a child, though I'm not really sure if it's accurate.

George Washingtons house in Virginia. As you can see, it's a mansion.

George Washington

The person that contributed to George Washington most was most likely his doctors because they gave him dentures to save him from his rotting teeth. They also did everything they could to save George from a sickness, but George died by loss of blood. His doctors weren’t that skilled at that time, but they had theories like blood carries germs so they did bloodletting on him but it didn’t work. But they tried to do everything they could to save him so they are important in his life.

ADMIRIBALE QUALITIES George Washington was wise because he advised to wait to attack the British Redcoat fort. Turns out that the British fled and they burned the fort and took everything that they can use. Also, after George Washington crossed the Delaware, he attacked the battle hardened German Hessian camp. The Hessian camp was well guarded so Washington had to plan out a surprise attack. He caught the Germans by surprise and won with only two injuries. He also held Valley Forge with little supplies and food until a German trained the troops to be better. That is why he is wise. He is also brave because he managed to attack the tough German camp that was well guarded. He never gave up, even when he crossed the Delaware and his men had FROSTBITE. He only surrendered once in the three battles called the Indian war, the French war, and the major Civil war. That is why he is brave.

Bibiography Krensky, StephenTitle:George Washington: The Man Who Would Not Be King ElmonicaBeaverton School Dist. #4816950 SW Lisa SreetBeaverton, Oregon 97006Websites: Google

George washington as a adult!!![Shocker.]

Basic FactsBorn: Feb 22nd, 1732Died: Dec 14th, 1799Hometown: Westmoreland County, VirginiaParents: Dad: Augustine Washington, Mom: Mary Ball WashingtonEducation: Didn't have much formal education, learned from Lawrence, his half-brother.Married: Martha Washington

Timeline of George Washington's Life1732 (February 22) Born in Westmoreland County, Virginia 1749 Official Surveyor for Culpeper County, Virginia 1751 Washington goes to Barbados 1753 Major Washington carried British ultimatium to the French in the Ohio River Valley 1754 Colonel Washington surrendered Fort Necessity in the French and Indian War 1755 (July 9) Colonel Washington was with General Edward Braddock when ambushed by the French and Indians. 1755-1758 Colonel Washington commanded Virginia's frontier troops.1759 (January 6) Married Mrs. Martha Dandridge Custis 1774 Elected delegate to the First Continental Congress 1775 Elected delegate to the Second Continental Congress 1775 (June 15) Elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army 1776 (July 4) The Declaration of Independence was signed by the Continental Congress. 1781 (October 19) Victory at Yorktown 1787 (May 25) Elected President of the Constitutional Convention 1789 Elected first President of the United States - the United States flag had 13 stars 1789 (June 1) Washington signed the first act of Congress concerning the administration of oaths. 1789 Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs (now the Department of State) 1789 North Carolina becomes a state. 1789-1799 The French Revolution ended absolute monarchy in France. 1790 Washington approved plans for the U.S. Capitol. 1790 The first national census took place - 3,929,214 people were counted over a period of nine months. 1790 Rhode Island becomes a state. 1791 (December 15, 1791) The Bill of Rights became law. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States guarantee basic liberties to Americans. 1791 The Cabinet held its first recorded meeting. 1791 Congress chartered the Bank of the United States. 1791 Congress established the District of Columbia. 1791 Vermont becomes a state. 1792 Congress established a national mint. 1792 Rival national political parties began developing in the United States. 1792 Kentucky becomes a state. 1793 Re-elected President of the United States 1793 (April 22) Washington issued the Neutrality Proclamation to keep the United States out of the war between France and Great Britain. 1793 (September 18) Washington laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. 1793 The cotton gin was invented. Led to mass production and increase of slave labor. 1794 The Whisky Rebellion brought the first test of Federal power. Washington sent troops to crush an uprising by Pennsylvania farmers who refused to pay a federal whisky tax. 1795 Washington signed the unpopular Jay Treaty to maintain trade with Great Britain. 1796 Tennessee becomes a state. 1796 Published his Farewell Address, refusing a third term. 1797 U.S. population was 4,900,000 in 1797 when Washington retired. 1797 The French Army under Napoleon drove the Austrians from Italy. 1798 (July 4) Commissioned Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief of the new United States Army 1799 (Dec 14) Died at Mount Vernon at the age of 67

If I met George Washington in person I’d ask him,” Were there any times that when you felt doubtful?” like when I felt like I couldn’t pass a level on Robocop or Frontline Commando 2. George Washington would say, “Yes, I did at some times because sometimes I felt like all hope was lost.” Another question would be, “Did it feel uncomfortable when you had dentures?” because when I had glasses, they first felt weird and G.W. would probably say, “At first they felt weird in my mouth, but after a while I got used to them and they saved me from embarrassment.” My last question is, “Did you ever feel that you were destined for greatness?” because I have always dreamed I’d be rich. George Washington would probably say, “Yes, I did. I was rich when I was little. Well, that was true but I had no reason to think that.”


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