George Washington

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George Washington

COOL FACTSDid you know that GW had false teeth made of various animal bone? Click the image below to learn some more cool facts about our Nation's Father.

Born in 1732 in Westmoreland, Virginia George Washington was forced to grow up with out a father. And with little education he was able to teach himself woodmaking, surveying and mapmaking as well. He married Martha, a widow and acted as a father to her two children. George never had children of his own.Washington joined Patriot forces at an early age. His bravery and devotion led him to become the General of the Continental Army. He led the army to victory against British control of the colonies and 1783 America became independent.Washington becomes the first President of the United States in 1789, he is re-elected again in 1792.George Washington dies in at his home in Mt. Vernon. The nation's capital, Washington D.C. is named after our first president.


1732- Year of Birth1759- Married Martha1774 - 1783 Leader of Continental Army- American Revolution1789 - Elected as 1st President of The United States1799 - Year of Death

George Washington is known by many as the Father of our Country and of course the first President of The United States, however what is unknown by many is that he was also a courageous leader of the Continental Army that led to the victory of the Patriot cause and the creation of a new Nation.

Lasting Impact

George Washington led the Patriots to defeat the British during the American Revolution. Without him, The United States may have been controlled by Britain today.

Who was George Washington?


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