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George Washington

George Washington was not born into Virginia's top class, he was born into Virginia Gentry but only second-tier Gentry. He was not wealthy nor modest but an ambitious youth, striving to be at Virginia's top/elite social class. Many stories have been made about George Washington, most of which are not true. George Washington's father Augustine died when he was 11. Lawrence, George Washington's half-brother, represented everything George wanted to be. Lawrence died from Tuberculosis in 1752. When George Washington married Martha Custis it was not purely genuine it was also for her status and wealth. Washington's connection with the Fairfax's led to an appointment as an officer in the Virginia Militia. During the French and Indian War Washington was to train civilians for war, but he didn't have either the knowledge nor the skills he was expected to teach. When Washington sought a commission as a full officer in the British Army he was rejected. George Washington realized that if he were to make it to the top of Virginia's social classes he was going to have to do it as a civilian. This changed when the second Continental Congress elected him the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. George Washington never gave up hope, and he constantly supported and encouraged his troops. Although the army never won many battles they won the war. After the war at the Constitution Convention George Washington was chosen as president. During the 1789 presidential election, he recieved a vote from every elector to the Electoral College. Goerge Washington was re-elected for a second term. The year before the next presedential election he refused to serve a third term, and he retired to his home, Mount Vernon. George Washington died at the age of 76, after getting caught in a snowstorm while riding his horse at Mount Vernon.

Historical Significance

1732 - Birth of George Washington1743 - Father's Death1752 - Lawrence Dies1753 - Major Washington carries British ultimatum to the French in the Ohio River Valley1759 - Marries Martha Dandridge Custis1774 - Elected delegate to the First Continental Congress1775 - Elected delegate to the Second Continental Congress1775 - Elected Commander in Cheif of the Continental Army1776 - Declaration of Independence signed by the Continental Congress1781 - Victory at Yorktown1787 - Elected President of the Constitutional 1789 - Elected first President of the United States1793 - Re-Elected President of the United States1795 - Signs the unpopular Jay-Treaty to maintain trade with Great Britain.1796 - Published his Farewell Address, refusing a third term1799 - Died at Mount Vernon at the age of 67.

George Washington was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.George Washington was one of the most important founding fathers of the United States of America.George Washington was the first president of the United States of America.George Washington was the only president in American history to be elected by unanimous approval.George Washington opposed having a king or a titled aristocracy rule the new country.


George Washington supported the patriotic cause and he led the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. A war that would win the colonies' independence and freedom that would one day create the great nation that U.S. citizens and I enjoy and embrace. If George Washington hadn't rised up to the challenge of leading the army against the British I might be living in a different country and other U.S. citizens that have immigrated to the U.S. might be living in a different country.


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George Washington


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