George Washington

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George Washington

George WashingtonFounding Father of America

Nominated by John Adams, Washington as named Commander of the Continental Army on June 15, 1775. After a long struggle he would eventually lead the Americans to victory over the British in 1781

Washington bravely rallying his troops to victory at Battle of Princeton

George Washington was the President of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 that created our current form of government.We would then go on to become the first President of the United States using the new government format he helped create.

Washington worked with Betsy Ross to design the American Flag His design had 6 point stars, she showed him a 5 point design

Washington being inagurated in New York City for the 1st of his 2 terms as Presidnet of the United States. He would be president from 1789 - 1796 and established many important precedents for future Presidents to follow.

Video demonstrating Washington's vital leadership during the war

Washington's greatest gift as a General was not his battle victories, but his ability to keep his rag-tag army together uder the worst of conditions.


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