George Washington

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George Washington

George Washington

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmore land, County, Virginia. When George was 11 his father died. He tought himself to be a great horseman and woodsman. A while later he married a woman named Martha. She was very welthy and they lived in a big house. George Washington was a father of 2 children and adoredthem very much. He was also a slaveowner. By 1775 he owned 135 slaves.

Life of GeorgeWashington

George Washingtonton`srole in the war with Britian

George fought bravely inthe Revolutionary war, whichmade congress belive George was the right man to lead our army. He fought in many battles and lead our army to victory! George Washington is known as the man of freedom.

Our brave leaderGeorge Washingtonby:Britannica ImageQuest

George foud by: Britannica Image Quest

The braveGeorge WashingtonBy:Britannica


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