George Washington

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George Washington


GENIUS MOMENTSGeorge Washington was Comander and Chief of the Continental Army and won the Revolutionary War.He became the first president of the United States of America.

Facts about George WashingtonBorn: February 22, 1732Westmoreland County, VirginiaDied: December 14, 1799 Mount Vernon at age 67.Father: Augustine Washington Mother: Mary BallSiblings: Betty (1733-1797), Samuel (1734-1781), John Augustine (1736-1787), Charles (1738-1799), and Mildred (1739-1740).Station in Life: He came from a rich family. He lived on a plantation. His family owned slaves. Education: He had about 7 years of schooling.Challenges: His father died when he was 11.Wife: Martha Dandridge CustisAdopted Children: John "Jackie" Parke Custis (1754-1781) and Martha "Patsy" Parke Custis (1756-1773)Occupations: Surveyor, Soldier, Farmer, Businessman, Legislator, Comander and Chief of the Continental Army, Elected President in 1789, Reelected President in 1792


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