George Washington Socks

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George Washington Socks

George Washington Socks

By: Elvira Woodruff

Meet The Charachters:Matt: Leader of the club and Katie's older brother.Hooter: Club muscle and a softy at heart. Loves animals. Also for the club he works with animals for a side job.Q: Club brains, he has to make quik decsions for the club in action. Tony: club scout. he is traveling in front and tracking animals and other things.Katie: Matts little sister and "protecter." she wasd the protecter because she whenever she heard a niose she shot in that area with her watre gun.Israel: 15 year old soldier that Matt meets and they trade until israel starts to bleed and then cant go on. He soon dies.

Main Idea Of The Book:The main idea of this book is a normal adventure club with normal boys and girl (tony's little sister katie) have a camp out in adventure club memeber Tony's back yard and they soon get bored and go on an adventure of their lives where they find themselves in a boat in the Delaware river with american troops and George Washington. Matt gets forced to fight and the others are back in the boat. Israel helps Matt get through the night. Isael is a 15 year old troop for Washington. They get through part of the night. The main idea is an aventure club and a little girl travel back in time to George Washington and his troops. In the book they overcome some problems and learn about GW and his troops.

Historical Part:The hisrotacle part is when they travel back in tiem to the time of Washington and his troops during the Revolutionary war and they have to find their way home. Matt finds himself friends with a young troop named israel. They all travel back in time and see what George Washingtons time was like.

Quote:" I couldn't stop reading, good for children my age"

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