George Washington Carver

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George Washington Carver

Date of Birth:Exact year and day unknown, estimated to be either 1861 or 1864

In 1885 George Washington Carver applied and was accepted into Highland University, Kansas, but was declined when they discovered he was an african american; fearing that they would not be able to raise enough funds with an african american enrolled. After he was denied at Highland, he moved onto Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. Here he studied art and piano, earning himself a bachelor's degree in agricultural science and a master of science degree.

George Washington Carver

Carver's Peanut Advancements

Carver'sEarly Life

Date of death:January 5, 1943

"The Peanut Man"Although George Washington Carver was famously nicknamed, "the peanut man," he did many other things as well; such as using sweet potatos to create wood filler, and paper; and using soy beans to create plastic that could be made into car parts. The reason he is mainly famous for peanuts is because he made over a hundred items using peanuts. Yet, despite his name, he was not the one to create peanut butter.

George Washington Carver

Highland University


After college Carver was asked to go work at Tuskegee as a teacher. He was a botany and agricultural teacher. Dr. George Washington Carver created brochures that included information on crops, cultivation techniques, and recipies on nutritious meals. He encouraged farmers to send in samples of their soil and water for him and his students to examine. He wanted farmers to plant plants that would enrich the soil, such as peanuts or soybeans, instead of destroy it with cotton. By becoming a teacher he changed agriculture using science.

George Washington Carver as a teacher

George Washington Carver was born in Diamond, Missouri with a family of his parents and one brother. His brother helped his father plant and harvest crops while his mother did all of the chores, him and his brother helping some on the chores of course. Carver was mostly on his own though, learning all he could. His mother taught him how to write and read as no local school would accept him.

George Washington Carver was raised in a small house, and had bad health as a child. Due to his health, Carver wasn't one of the workers in the feild. Instead he spent his time looking at wildlife and how the crops were planted. He was eventually the guy the townsfolk would go to for help with their crops, for that being one of the main things he looked at during his childhood.

Carver's childhood home

Carver in College


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