George Washington Carver

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George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was born sometime during circa 1864. Carver was a rather nutty scientist when it came to his contributions to the scientific community. His occupation was as an inventor, a botanist, and a chemist. Carver was able to develop methods of crop rotation along with a number of profitable cash crops. His methods gave struggling sharecroppers in the South help in producing substantial amounts of crops under unfruitful soil conditions; they were conditions caused by the Civil War. Carver also helped the southern sharecroppers by showing them the various diversifications that the new crops can undergo. He was able to provide alternative plants for farmers to farm in order to sustain the farmland and the farmers.

George Washington Carver

In discovering these alternative cash crops, Carver also discovered many ways to use those crops. He is best known for his peanut research, which he found over 300 uses for. He also discovered over 100 uses for the sweet potato. Carver invented products that were crop based: such as plastics, dyes, paints, medicine, and gasoline, which was developed from soybeans. These inventions were aimed towards improving the economic and agricultural output of poorer farmers, but ended up innovating all farming. A rather nutty scientist, Carver’s inventions gave farmers a way to farm with little damage to the environment; he helped developed methods to sustain the environment for future generations.

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IV.D5:Sustainable land-use strategies


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