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George Washington




Dear Diary, Thee Revolutinary War this hard. These are troubled times indeed for thee soldiers, I fight americas with. We fight fir thee fredom but lose in thir battle. I thee battle todays, thee never gets hurt but thi soldiers do. Bombs everywhere! Soldiers thee getting of thi mlow-up and thee sees’s all. Thee soldiers run away in fear of getting of killed! Guns everyehere and thee soldiers always get capyures. Wes lost abouts 1,000 soldiers today. Thi lost me soldiers becasue thee got ambused on Philidelphia road. Me soldiers are weaker and out of theirs formations. Needs be taught they must. I must sent in thee trainer to teach my soldiers about corrects formations...Good news thee trainer has shapened my soldiers into thi stronger fighters. Even though we are raged and treated like thee dirt, thi still has hope. And thee hope will come! Thee French of thi came to help us. Thee do this after what we done to help them, in Thi French and Indian War. Thee French be sending suplieys to thi men and thee be happy. It seems we might win the Revolutinary War! My GOD, we won. For thee godness sakes we won! Freedom for all and for all who helped!

Tobaco; because he grew tobaco and fruits at Mount Vernon.

George lived here with his family.

George was baptised.

Ye festive throngs who here are seen Let Washington be now your theme That Son of Mars with courage bold By whom we Independence hold Whose easy nature ever taught Whose noble soul was ever fraught With courage bold., Pope illustrastor‎

This poem refllects George Washington's life, because it describes doing what is noble and right. He found happiness in doing his duty. Most of Washingtons's life, he had to make tough decisions and always showed his courage.

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George Washington

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born 1732 and died 1800

"Happiness and moral duty are inseparable."

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