[2015] Katie Boutin: George Washington

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[2015] Katie Boutin: George Washington

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Washington measured in at a whopping 6'2" and weighed approximately 200 pounds!

Timeline-born, 2.11.1731-headed Constitution Convention, 5.1787-elected president 2.1789-sworn into office, 4.30.1789-re-elected 11.1791-Frech Revolution began, 4.20.1792-first to utilize executive privilege, 1792-Whisky Rebellion, 1794-died, 3.4.1797

George Washington

A Sick ChildThroughout the course of his childhood, Washington contracted many diseases, including smallpox, mumps, tuberculosis, and malaria (which he encountered four times). During his presidency, he was afflicted by pneumonia and staph infections.

Washington acted as commander- in- chief when he sent American troops into conflict. He also constituted this role before the presidency, as Washington served as a general in the military prior to the war.

Our Nation's 1st President

Washington was unanimously elected into office- twice!

Did you know?Washington established a whiskey distillery at his home on Mt. Vernon!

While Washington never sired children of his own, his wife Martha had two children from her previous marriage.

Washington was born on Feb. 11, 1731. However, when the American colonies switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, his birthyear was switched to 1732, and his birthday was moved up eleven days.


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