George Rogers Clark

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George Rogers Clark

George Rogers Clark was born in Albemarle, Virginia, on November 19, 1752. During the Revolutionary War, he became the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest," capturing territory that expanded America's frontier. After the war, Clark was left penniless due to debts he had in order to support his troops. He was 65 when he died on February 13, 1818, outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

George Rogers Clark fought on the northwest frontier during the Revolutionary War, achieving victories that helped America expand its borders.

NAME: George Rogers ClarkOCCUPATION: Explorer, Military LeaderBIRTH DATE: November 19, 1752DEATH DATE: February 13, 1818PLACE OF BIRTH: Albermarle, VirginiaPLACE OF DEATH: Louisville, KentuckyNICKNAME: Conqueror of the Old Northwest

George Rogers Clark

Quote:"Great things have been affected by a few men well conducted." – George Rogers Clark

Clark had four sisters and five brothers



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