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[2014] TheoPaul2: George Pullman

George Pullman was born in Brocton, New York on March 3, 1831. He is an engineer and industialist he also had four kids Florence (1868-1937), Harriet (1869-1956), and twins George (1876-1901) and Walter Sanger (1876-1905). His parents were James Lewis Pullman (1800-1852) and Emily Caroline Minton (1808-1892).

Pullman believed that the country air and fine facilities, without agitators, saloons and city vice districts, would result in a happy, loyal workforce. The model planned community became a leading attraction for visitors who attended the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. It attracted nationwide attention. The national press praised Pullman for his benevolence and vision. According to mortality statistics, it was one of the most healthful places in the world.

After the death of president lincoln, pullman used his invention to transport the president to his funeral in his hometown. The pullman sleeping car made it easier for people to travel long distances when on a train.

The Pullman Strike of 1894

George didn't attend school after the fourth grade and worked at his uncle John Minton's general store in Westfield, Pullman was born in Brocton, New York, the son of Emily Caroline (Minton) and James Lewis Pullman.[2] He moved with his family to Albion, New York, along the Erie Canal. It was heavily traveled by packet boats that carried people on day excursions as well as travelers across the state. There he attended local schools and at work learned other skills that contributed to his later success.At the age of fourteen, he dropped out of school, and he went to work as clerk for a country merchant. He worked with his father to move houses during the widening of the Erie Canal, and learned his technique of shifting them to newly built foundations.


George PullmanInventor of the Pullman Sleeping Car By: Theodore Paul

George Pullman Accomplishments:George M. Pullman made his reputation as a building raiser before becoming famous for sleeping cars. In 1861, Ely, Smith and Pullman lifted the Tremont House six feet in the air; it was just one of many Chicago buildings raised to match the upward shifting street grade during the mid nineteenth century.In 1880 Pullman bought 4,000 acres (16 km2), near Lake Calumet some 14 mi (23 km) south of Chicago, on the Illinois Central Railroad for $800,000. He hired Solon Spencer Beman to design his new plant there. Trying to solve the issue of labor unrest and poverty, he also built a company town adjacent to his factory; it featured housing, shopping areas, churches, theaters, parks, hotel and library for his factory employees. The 1300 original structures were entirely designed by Beman. The centerpiece of the complex was the Administration Building and a man-made lake. The Hotel Florence, named for Pullman's daughter, was built nearby.

Lasting Impact

The Pullman picture movement from the 1800s to the 21st century


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