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George Pickett

George Edward PickettBorn: January 16, 1825 Richmond VirginiaDied: July 30, 1875 (age 50)Norfolk, VirginiaServed in the US Army and the Confederate States Army through years 1846–1865 Ranks: USA CaptianCSA Major GeneralInteresting Facts: Rumor has it that Pickett's West Point appointment was secured for him by Lincoln! George B. McClellan, the Union general said, "Perhaps there is no doubt that he was the best infantry soldier developed on either side during the Civil War."Pickett HATED Slavery


George Pickett participated in the following wars/battles:-Mexican-American War-Battle of Chapultepec-Pig War-American Civil War-Peninsula Campaign-Battle of Fredericksburg-Battle of Gettysburg(Pickett's Charge)-Second Battle of Petersburg-Appomattox Campaign-Battle of Five Forks

George Pickett isn't a name most people recognize unless they are Civil War buffs (Pickett's Charge). It's unfair that his legacy isn't all that popular, but Pickett did some amazing things.He may have led many to their untimely doom, but Pickett kept the moral high during the battle of Gettysberg constantly shouting orders and things to keep the soliders going. Without him, there would be no charge.He was very successful in the Mililtary, and during the Civil War, being from Virginia made him choose the South, granting him Major General.Living off his Legacy, Pickett's wife, or widow known as LaSalle became a well known writer and told great stories of "Her Soldier". Many years after his death, Pickertt is regarded as a Southern gentleman and war hero.


Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia, is named in his honor. Originally a site for the Civilian Conservation Corps, it was an active U.S. Army training facility in World War II and is currently occupied by the Virginia National Guard.


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This video further explains Pickett's Charge and what Pickett did exactly, it goes into extrmeme depth as it is 30+ minutes long

Above is a painting of "Pickett's Charge"

By: Kyle Peterson

The Battle of GettysbergI arrived late to the battle, it was the second day just past lunch. Our men were working like dogs out there, trying to fight off the Union as best they could, but their efforts were futile. We needed a plan, and we needed it fast.General Lee came up with the brilliant (at the time) idea to make a huge infantry assult composed of 12,500 men. I gladly participated.We charged, and yelled in the name of Virginia! For a second, I thought we could actually win this, then my dream was interrupted by bullets whizzing by my head. And then bodies falling to the ground all around me. It was a bloodbath, and I can never forget the horrible sight I saw. It was piles of bodies, soaked in the stickey, wet blood.I tried to forget about that, and I kept screaming out orders to keep my men's morale up. It appears I was the only one, and thus after the massecre was done, they named this deathly day after me, "Pickett's Charge"


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