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George Pickett

George Pickett had already fought two battles in Mexico and Virginia before the Civil war even started. He was a general in the Civil War because of his decorations and victories he had earned before. Though he did not support slavery, because he was a Virginia native, he chose to fight for the Confederates after Virginia left the Union. His first battle in the Civil War was the Peninsula Campaign. During the battle, while leading his army, he was shot in the shoulder right off of his horse. He originally thought it was fatal until further inspection proved him wrong but he was out of action for three months and couldn't move his arm. George Pickett is most well known for Picketts Charge in the Battle of Gettysburg. Though it was technically led by General Longstreet, the other generals saw it as Pickett leading the charge. It was a losing battle, but Pickett decided to keep going because he wanted to win. The Virginia newspaper even played up his story more than what actually happened because they were so proud of the only Virginia General leading such an important battle.


Birth- January 16, 1825Death- July 30, 1825.First Battle- Battle of Chapultepec. 1847Last Battle- Battle of Five Forks. 1865

Was a officially named a Captain while fighting for American and was a Major General for the Confederates. He was also famous because even though he finished college at 59th out of 59 in his class, he became a highly respected soldier while fighting in Mexico. Defended San Juan Island from British Troops and getting praised by congress.

Lasting Impact

George Pickett was a very brave general and was known for going past the boundaries that other generals wouldn't. He was also a part of the defeat of the Confederates after losing the Battle of Five Forks and giving the Union a large advantage from it.

George Pickett




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