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George Orwell



By: Sydney Chapados

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NAME: Eric Arthur BlairD.O.B.: June 25th 1903D.O.D.: Jan 21st 1950COUNTRY: EnglandPROFESSION: Novelist, Journalist, criticGENRE: Dystopia (social injustice, totalitarianism, socialism)



`Born in India, he moved to England with mother and sister after 1 year`He was on scholarship at boarding school and eventually ended up studying at Eton`Unable to afford university, he began working for the Imperial Police in Burma `He eventually resigned and moved back to England and began exploring the poorer sections of London and Paris, recording his findings in the book Down and Out in Paris and London`The name George Orwell was used so that his family would not be embarrassed by his poor life as recorded in the book`Orwell became deeply interested in British politics after writing about his time in Burma, and British Colonialism`Orwell moved to Spain and joined a Militia where he was injured badly and eventually became diagnosed with Tuberculosis, at the time there was no treatment`To make a living, he took on many odd writing jobs, gaining reputation as a literary critic and eventually landing a BBC producing job`Orwell resigned from BBC because he found himself to be a detested propoganist during WWII`Orwell died due to Tuberculosis 1 year after releasing his most celebrated work, 1984


George Orwell is known for his work against corrupt governments and war.

Orwell's works were/are perceived incredibly well, and have made great changes impact in literature as well as school studies. Orwell also provided 6 rules for writing that are commonly used among writers and in the classroom today. Orwell coined the terms newsspeak and doublethink, in his novel 1984 and caused readers to critically think about their government.


Animal Farm

The Road to Wigan Pier

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Burmese Days

Coming Up For Air

Down and Out In Paris and London

Homage to Catalonia


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