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George Orwell

Born in 1903, George Orwell was a different child. The young boy's first word was "beastly," which was said to be foreshadowing his future writing career. At age 4, Orwell wrote his first poem as he had a very lonely childhood. George once said, "I had the lonely child's habit of making up stories and holding conversations with myself, I guess that's how I got into writing." By the age of 11, Orwell had a poem published in the local newspaper. After completing school at Eton, Orwell spent a lot of time switching jobs. Once Orwell finally got married, he reached a stalemate. Wanting to become a writer, he was drafted to the Spanish Civil War. After 6 months at war, Orwell decided that his then wife, Eileen, would be the inspiration he needed for him to start writing. In 1945, Orwell published one of his novels, Animal Farm. Orwell contracted Tuberculosis in 1947 which gave him some time to sit down and think about the future. Then in 1949, Orwell published 1984. After he quickly climbed to success, he was forced to battle a new struggle. The Tuberculosis grew stronger and stronger and in 1950 it eventually claimed the life of one of the best novelists of all time - George Orwell.


June 25, 1903 - Day of birthJune 9, 1936 - Orwell gets married6 months in 1937 - Orwell fights in the Spanish Civil WarAugust 17, 1945 - Animal Farm Published1947 - Orwell Contracts TuberculosisJune 8, 1949 - 1984 is publishedJanuary 21, 1950 - Day of death

The Orwell Prize in Political Writing (Named for Orwell, established in 1993 by the Orwell Memorial Trust)King's Scholarship, Eton College in 1917In 2008, The Times ranked him second on a list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945."1984 was honoured with the Prometheus Award in 1984 and Animal Farm also recieved the award in 2011.

Lasting Impact



George Orwell's 1984 display’s a totalitarian society where Big Brother, the leader/oppressor, is constantly viewing your thoughts. Strict rules displayed onto this society forces them to think a certain way, act a certain way and talk a certain way. Severe consequences follow any rebels, but a brave Winston meets a woman, Julia, whom he decides is worth the risk. Together, they break the rules in hope of finally finding happiness. Orwell teaches his reader that being a human with freedoms should not be taken for granted. Our basic rights are to be used to our fullest potential, because when Winston tries to exercise the rights that he doesn't have, he suffers a major punishment.

George Orwell

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