George N. Papanicolaou

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George N. Papanicolaou

George N. Papanicolaou

Background InformationHis full name is George Nicholas Papanicolaou, Nicholas is his father's name which was passed down to him. Born on May 13, 1883 in the seaport town of Kymi, Greek island of Euboea. He was the third of four children. Married Andromache Mavroyeni, Mary for short (daughter of Mavroyeni family). At the age of 78 he died of a heart attack on Feb. 19, 1962

Fun factsHe's traveled everywhere during his lifetime. Going where ever the military took him. He traveled to Jena, Freiburg, and Munich; Germany. Then back to Kymi. To New York, United states with his wife.

AccomplishmentsDr. George Papanicolaou was not only a general practitioner but a one time greek senator and mayor of his home town. He was then called to the military in infantry til august 15, 1906 and was promoted to assistant surgeon in jan. 1906. After moving around all over Germany he earned a PhD in Zoology. He was on the American Journal of Anatomy and they reported "The existence of a he Existence of a Typical Oestrous Cycle in the Guinea-Pig with a Study of its Histological and Physiological Changes." He then began taking similar scrappings from women. People thought it was ridiculous to scrape dead cells in order to search for cancer. Then he rounded up a whole lot of women and they all got pap smear's. Discovering that some were in such an early stage of cancer. In 1943 they published their "Diagnosis of uterine cancer by the vaginal smear." It later became known as a Pap smear. He was also named Cancer Research Institute of Miami director in January 1962. wrote more thn 150 articles and received many awards. Ex: Honorary Fellow of the Academy of Athens, Nobel Prize in Phsiology and Med. and the United Nations Prize. Three nations also have dedicated postage stampos in his honor.

What made him go into medicine?His father. Yes George's father was both a physician and a politician. What doctor wouldn't want their child pursuing the same career as them? So in order to please his father Dr. George Papanicolaou went to a medical school. Becoming a general practitioner. Although he wasn't interested in medicine, he was interested in a career for scientific research.

I published a work in science called "Sex Determination and Sex Control in Guinea Pig"

"Sex Determination and Sex Control in Guine Pig" [Contd.]The experiment required an ova of, yes, a female guinea pig. He would observe discharge and would wait during the ovulation of the guinea pig to harvest it and used more than one guinea. In order to observe the discharge he would use a nasal speculum. Then he had to correlate smear patterns with each guinea's ovary and finally he obtained the mature ova.

Citation:Elgert, P., & Gill, G. (2015). George N. Papanicolaou, MD, PhD. Retrieved September 15, 2015.


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