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George Metesky

George Metesky- The Mad Bomber

Occured: 1940-1957His reign of terror continued for 16 years.

Location: Theatres, terminals, libraries, offices, phone booths, storage lockers, public restrooms

Locations: Grand Central Terminal, Pennsilvanian Station, Radio City Music Hall, NY Public Library, Port Authority Bus Terminal, RCA Building, NYC Subway

Bibliography:1) The New York Times. A 16-Year Hunt For New York's 'Mad Bomber'. George Metesky: New York's Mad Bomber. George P. Metesky: the Mad Bomber and his incredible 17-year reign of terror. 1957 'Mad Bomber' George Metesky Arrested.

Charges: He was not tried because he was declared legally insane and incompitant to stand trial. He had 47 charges against him including: 7 account of attempting murder, damaging a building by explosion, endangering life, and carrying concealed weapons. [1]

How was he caught? The investigator of the case, Howard Finney, turned to Captain Cronin for help. He advised that Finney use a criminal profile to figure out what type of man the Mad Bomber was. This profile turned out to look a lot like George Metesky. There was a letter written to the government explaining his motive. He included the date of his accident which helped link them to George. Police came to his house with a warrant on January 21, 1957 and asked for a sample of his handwriting. They also asked him what "F.P." stood for; he responding stating that it meant fair play. Then he admitted to knowing why they were at his house.

Types of Bombs: Gunpowder filled pipe bombs about 4-10 in long and 1.5-2 in diameter. He would use timers from flashlight batteries or cheap pocket watches. He would also use wool socks to transport the bombs, and sometimes used the sock to hang it from a rail or projector.

Damage: planted 33 bombs, 22 of which exploded causing injury to 15 people. [1]

Crime Scene Evidence:George called the buildings in which the bombs were placed to warn them, but didn't specify the location of the bombs. He also left notes at the crime scenes, and wrote a letter to the government saying he would'nt make anymore bombs during WWII because he was patriotic.

Profile:-Male (most bombers are male)-Suffered from paranoia-Neat and tidy (assumed due to handwriting and precision of bombs)-Slavic (type of bomb was popular in Middle Europe)-Catholic (primary religion of Slavic's)-Courteous but not friendly (warning calls)-Educated-Foreign born-Sexually troubled-Loving mother, hating father (possible Oedipus complex)-Loner-No friends-Little interest in women-Possible virgin/ unmarried-Skilled mechanic-Unsocial but not antisocial

Motive:He felt that he had not been compensated with enough money for an old industrial injury; although at the time of his arrest he had $500 in his pocket, and $11,000 in the bank(hadn't worked in 20 years, inherited money from father). They concluded that he had perverted principles, and was just mentally insane.

Questions:1) How many people did he kill?2) What would he leave at the crime scene?3) What time period did he stop bombing and why?

George Metesky takes his mugshot before going behind bars.

George Metesky smiles through rusted jail bars, which he will be kept behind for the rest of his life.

By: Maddie Manzoni and Melaney Nicholls


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