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George Metesky - Forensics Project



For nearly two decades, George Metesky planted explosive devices in phone booths, movie theaters, and other public places in NYC. Of the 33 devices he planted, 22 successfully detonated, injuring 15 people. [2]

He used pipe bombs: small, improvised explosive devices that Metesky built in his garage. He used "gunpowder, pipes, springs, plugs, batteries, rubber bands, watches and red socks" to create these bombs. [1] Gunpowder is a low explosive; although the shrapnel it sends out can be fatal, the blast itself is not very strong.

New York City

George Metesky (The Mad Bomber)

Questions1) What was Metesky's motive?2) How many people did Metesky kill?3) What was Metesky's punishment?

While on the job at the Consolidated Edison power plant Metesky was involved in an incident that severly damaged his lungs. When he was denied workers compensation for the injuries he received on the job, he decided to get revenge. After a short hiatus, Metesky's mental instability led him to continue setting off bombs in the city. [3]

Once the police made a valid profile of the Mad bomber, they published a letter in the New York Journal American adressed to the Mad Bomber. Metsky responded by saying how bad the Edison company was and gave the exact date of his injury. Metsky's capture shortly followed.[3]

Metesky was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and declared criminally insane. He was sent to a mental institution, but was released in 1973 after being deemed no longer a threat. He died in 1994. [4]

Metesky sent this letter to the police stating that he will not commit any arson during the war. [6]

Metesky looks out of his jail cell. [2]

These are the materials Metesky used to make his bombs; they were found in his garage. [1]

This is the aftermath of one of Metesky's bombings. [5]

1940 - Bombings begin1957 - Metesky apprehended[2]

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