[2015] Damon Berarducci: George McClellan

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[2015] Damon Berarducci: George McClellan

After Civil WarElected governor of New Jersey in 1878(N.C. #34)Died October 29,1885(N.C. #35)

Early lifeBorn December 3, 1826(N.C. #1)Born in Philadelphia, PA(N.C. # 2)

George McClellan

Adult Life Before CivilWarJoined U.S. Military Academy in 1842(N.C. #7)Created the Potomac Army(N.C. #15)Fought in the Battle of Chapultepec(N.C.#17)

Importance to civil warTrained many soldiers in the U.S.(N.C. #37)A Major General in the Civil war (N.C. #40)

Civil WarOn the Union (North)(N.C. #20)A Democrat(N.C. #21)Ran for President and lost in 1864(N.C. #24)A Major General in the Cival War(N.C. #31)Fought in the Antietam Battle(N.C. #29)

Major General

Thesis:George McClellan is very important in this time period because he has trained many soldiers in the US, lead many battles in the Civil War, and kept staes in the north.

By:Damon Berarducci


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