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George Mason

George Mason was born on a farm in Fairfax County, Virginia, on December 11, 1725. He led Virginia patriots during the American Revolution, and his concept of inalienable rights influenced Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. As a member of the Constitutional Convention, Mason advocated strong local government and a weak central government. This led to the adoption of the Bill of Rights.When the American Revolution got under way, Mason was a leader of Virginia patriots and later drafted the state's constitution. This document would hold the nuggets of later problems he had with the U.S. Constitution, in that the first rights granted in the Virginia constitution would be on behalf of the individual, which Mason would later see as lacking in the U.S. Constitution.During this time (1787), Mason was also a Virginia delegate (George Washington and James Madison were others) to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, where, despite his ongoing poor health, he proved to be vastly influential in the composition of the Constitution.


At Philadelphia in 1787 Mason was one of the five most frequent speakers at the Constitutional Convention. He exerted great influence, but during the last 2 weeks of the convention he decided not to sign the document.

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George Mason

George believed that states should be represented in the national legislature based on their population. he also thought that the legislature should have two housesanother thing george believed was that the three fifths of the slaves should be counted only for determining a states representation in the national legislature.lastly, george thought that the executive should be chosen by the national legislature

Role at the convention

George Mason was a private man devoted to his family and plantation, yet he was periodically called on by his community for advice and counsel. A slaveholder, Mason spent his public life attacking the institution of slavery, which violated his ideals of liberty and republican virtue. A leader in Virginia’s break with England, Mason drafted the state’s Declaration of Rights and called for a firm union of the states. In the 1780s Mason joined Washington and Madison in calling for a stronger union, and he helped draft the U.S. Constitution. Mason was horrified that the Constitution did not include a Bill of Rights and that it would allow the slave trade to continue for another twenty years. He opposed its ratification in 1788. The changes he proposed became the model for the Bill of Rights.

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