George Marshall

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George Marshall

Why Geroge C. Marshall is the greast Amercian of WWII

Known as "organizer of victory" by Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister.

Achieved great things during his time in the war and after

Harry Truman called George Marshall "the greatest living American"

He was dipomatic and went to international conferences to gather support for the Allies and to coordinate the war effort.

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~In June 1933 Marshall was given command of the 8th Infantry. ~ Responsible for 34 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.~In less than four years, Marshall built the army into a force of 8,300,000 men. He also directed personnel training and the development of new weapons and equipment.~He helped plan Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Europe, which he would of lead, but Roosevelt felt his diplomacy and planning skills were needed more in Washington, D.C.

After WWII

Years before WWII

He graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1901. The following year he received a commission as a second lieutenant. He graduated from Fort Leavenworth at the top of his class.

~President Truman appointed him secretary of state in 1947.~The European economy was in terrible conditions after World War II. Marshall proposed an economic recovery program, later known as the Marshall Plan, which would remove trade barriers, modernize industry and make Europe prosperous again. The Marshall plan worked and he was awarded with a Noble Peace Prize

"I can't expect loyalty from the army if I do not give it." -George Marshall


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