[2014] madisonr65: George Lucas

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[2014] madisonr65: George Lucas

Born: May 14, 1944Modesto, California

George Lucas

Top Grossing Movies

George wanted to be a racecar driver as a young man. He almost died in a racecar accident and gave it up to go into film making.

George's love of music and Elvis Presley were an early inspiration. He met Elvis as a young man and he told him to reach for his dreams.

Francis Ford Coppola took George under his wing and helped him into the movie business.

George Lucas is a film maker who well known for his imagination and creativity. He went to college at USC.

George Lucas

George Lucas was once a racecar driver, then a artist, and now a film maker.He has written lots of movies with the examples up top of here.I love his movies and he now made a new one called Strange Magic coming out January 23.



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