George Frederick Handel

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George Frederick Handel

George Frederick Handel was born in Halle Germany in 1685. His family had wanted him to be a lawyer. However, he soon abandoned these notions to join the Hamburg orchestra. After this Handeled went to Italy to absorb the Italian style of composition. After moving to England he began composing operas, and came into the employ of King George I of England. Handel was employed to find singers and compose music fr the Royal Academy of Music. Until 1727 operas were his main occupation. Finally, in the year 1741 Handel's masterpiece Messiah came to fruition, and debuted in Dublin. Handel was a composer of international significance until he die in 1759.


1685 - Handel is born1707 - Moved to Italyc.c. 1710 - Moved back to England1741 - Composed Messiah1741 -Debut of Messiah1759 - Handel dies

Handel composed over 4 dozen Italian operas, English oratorios, orchestral suites, and many keyboard and chamber works. Handel composed music and searched for singers directly for King George I of England and the Royal Academy of Music. Handel composed one of the greatest pieces of music of all time, and did it in only 24 days!!!

Lasting Impact

Handel was an incredibly prolific composer, and composed one of the most recognized religious pieces of all time.


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George Frederick Handel



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