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George Ezra

George Ezra

Albums:Did You Hear the Rain? (2013)Cassy O’ (2014)Wanted on Voyage (2014)Songs:Angry Hill (2012)Budapest (2013)Cassy O’ (2014)Did You Hear the Rain? (2014)Leaving It Up to You (2014)Blame It on Me (2014)Listen to the Man (2014)

George Ezra was born on June 7 1993 in Hertford.He lived in Hertford before he went to Bristol. There he visited the University of Modern Music, but he left without finishing his studies.His musical career started when he was 18 years old. He was noticed because of his rough and bluesy voice. George Ezra's first album "Did you hear the rain?" was published in 2012.

At the beginning of 2014 George Ezra began his tour in Europe and repeated performances in Germany and Switzerland. The song "Budapest" reached the top ten at the end of April in German-speaking countries and also in other countries it was very popular.

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