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Inventors and Inventions

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George Eastman

Formed the Eastman Dry Plate Co. in 1881 with financial backing from Henry Strong.

Born - July 12, 1854Village of Waterville, NYSuffering from a progressive and irreversible spinal disease, George took his own life on March 14, 1932. In a note to friends he wrote, "My work is done. Why wait?"

George Eastman

In 1880, George invented and patented a dry-plate coating machine.

The Eastman Kodak Company, founded in 1892, revolutionized photography through simplfyingthe process of taking pictures and developing film.

In 1888, the first small easy-to-use camera was released. It sold for $25.00.

The Kodak Company impacted society in many ways. Not only were families able to captureimportant memories on film, but the Kodak Co.helped launch the motion picture industry.George also developed a film that is still usedin the health field for x-ray machines and also created the first mircofilm used to copy bank records.

Kodak teamed with NASA for morethan 40 years. Kodak film was used torecord John Glenn when he became thefirst man to orbit the Earth.

Photography was very expensive and theequipment was heavy and awkward. George experimented for 3 years to come up with a simpler way to develop negatives.


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