[2015] savannah rowell: George Eastman (Founder Of Kodak)

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[2015] savannah rowell: George Eastman (Founder Of Kodak)

Name: George EastmanOccupation: inventorBirth Date: July 12,1854Death Date:March 14,1932Birth Place: waterville, N.Y.Death Place:Rochester N.Y

George Eastman(founder of Kodak)

1) George remained a bachelor all his life.2) After a long illness, he committed suicide on march 14, 1932, in Rochester. He wrote a letter to his friends, "My work is done, Why wait?"3) Eastman said that his favorite letter was K and that he wanted to incorporate it into his company's name.4) Kodak has nine oscars.5) The name Kodak is meaningless and was chosen because it was impossible to mispronounce.


George was educated in Rochester public schools but, dropped out at 13 to help his mother.


BiographyGeorge Eastman was born on july 12,1856 in waterville, newyork. George Eastman invented the Kodak camera making photoghraphy easy and assesible to the public. His company remains one of the largest in the industry.

1st Kodak Camera

QUOTE:"what we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are."

George Eastman

Kodak Slogan


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