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George Carver

George W. Carver was born 1865. He and his mother,Mary were kidnapped. He belonged to the nice Carver family.His Mother was never found.He had tons jobs.He worked and traveled for 10 years.He went to Iowa state college.Graduated in 1894 and became a teacher at tuskegee.In 1928 he recceives first of three honoray of sceince degrees.In the year 1921 he speaks to the U.S. Congress about the peanut industry.In 1943 he dies at tuskegee institute.So that was his life.


1865 - Born in Diamond Grove ,Missouri 1894 -Graduates from Iowa State College1896 -Earns a Master of science degreeyyyy - Event Name 1921- Speaks to U.S. about the peanut industry1928- Receives first of three honoray of science degree from Simpson College 1938 - A Hollywood movie is made about his life 1943 - Dies at Tuskegee institute

George W. Carver accomphish many things in his life.First ,he invented more than 300 products out of peanuts.Second, he helped farmers have healthier soil for healthier food.Third,he started his own laundry business.Fourthly,he earned a masters degree in science.So he had many accomphishments that helped others.

Lasting Impact

George W. Carver made peanuts more important to america.


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George W. Carver



The Peanut Man


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