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George Brown

Fathers Of Confederation

George Brown

George Brown played an important role in Confederation. Participating in the Charlottetown and Quebec conference in 1864. As he was a suporter, this formulated the plan for confederation.

Brown ran le parti rouge and was a reformer and reorginized the Clear Grit Party in 1857. This party supported represintation by population, the seperation of the church and state the annexation of the Northwest Territories.

He participated in the Charlottetown and Quebec conference and he represented Canada West/ lower Canada.

☞More land in Ruperts land☞Intercolonial railway would support industry and trade.☞Independance from Britain.☞United army to protect borders more efficintly.☞A responsible government that would have representation for its population.

☞Money would be wasted making Canada bilingual.☞Would have to learn to communicate with the French.☞Gave money away to similar provinces.

Brown hoped to dominate Confederation and have wanted other colonies to help fight Americans because Britain was making it clear they could not be counted on to defend Canada.

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