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George Batch Union Soldier

I was 23 years old when I was a soldier on the Union side during the Civil War. I was 18 when I joined the Army. At that time, I had a wife named, Lereta, and 2 kids mamed Lucy an Eli. I worked at a factory before I left for the war. My wife also worked as nurse and my children went to school, so they could get an education. My jobs in the Army included taking care of livestock, making a camp, and guard duty. For fun, I would interact with other soldiers that enjoyed putting on theater pieces for entertainment. I belived it is my duty as a citizen of the United States of America to fight for what is right and good in our country and to keep it safe. Even if I had died in battle, my family and I knew it was for a good cause.


1861 - Yorktown1862 - Antietam1862 -Fredricksburg1863 - Gettysburg1864- Petersburg1864- Wilderness1865- Appomattox

Antietam - On the 17th, we fought the Battle of Antietam. We could see the long lines of battle, both Union and Rebel and hear the roar as it came from the field. The Rebel trains of wagons were moving all day towards the river. At dark, we marched down the mountain and started for the battlefield where we arrived and went into camp. The next morning we were put in the front lines. I have never in my soldier life seen such a sight. The dead and wounded covered the ground. In one spot, a Rebel officer and twenty men lay near a wreck of a Battery. It said Battery "A" 1st R.I. Artillery did this work. The Rebel sharpshooters and skirmishers were still at work and the bullets whizzed merrily. At noon, the Rebels asked and received permission to bury their dead, and the firing ceased for awhile but commenced again in the afternoon. The 2nd M.I. was ordered forward and we charged up a hill and driving the enemy away took possession. Here we lay all night with the bullets flying over us most of the time. The next morning the enemy shelled our regiment, but it was their last shots, for as we moved forward they retired, and we entered Sharpsburg. The town is all battered to pieces and is not worth much. Here we remained until midnight of the 19th when we moved to Williamsport. It was reported that the Rebels were here in force. After forming our lines, the entire Division moved on the town with flags flying. It was a grand sight to see our long lines extending through fields and woods, hills and dales, make this advance. Picket or skirmish firing was going on in front, but after marching some distance we halted. Several were killed in the Division and many wounded.

Lasting Impact

I help win the Civil War by devoting 5 years to the army to free slaves.


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George Batch (Union Soldier)


Soldiers Life in the Civil War


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