[2015] Katrina Gasper (Mrs. Mack GLA 4/5): GEORGE

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[2015] Katrina Gasper (Mrs. Mack GLA 4/5): GEORGE

I think the mood of the story is excitement, because  there is always something happening.I think the tone of the story is admiration, because the author makes characters accept and admire that George is trangender.

Rising Action George tried out to be Charlotte in the school play. Ms. Udell said that she couldn't try out for Charlotte because she was a boy. George's mom found George's magazines and was furious but didn't show it that much.

Exposition George comes home from school and goes in the bathroom to look at girl magazines. Scott, George's brother, figures out that she had a magazine, but not the kind that she actually had.

Falling ActionKelly comes up with a plan so George can become Charlotte in the school play. George performs as Charlotte and most people were mad.


Resolution Kelly and George went to the zoo except George became Melissa and dressed up as a girl.


ClimaxGeorge got into a fight at school and threw up all over a boy. She told her family and best friend, Kelly, that she was transgender.

George By Alex Gino

What is transgender?

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The major character is George she is static or flat.

The minor characters are Kelly, Jeff, and Rick. Jeff and Rick are static or flat, Kelly however is dynamic or round.

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Plot: People think George is a boy but knows she is a girl. She wants to be Charlotte in the school play, but is not allowed because she's a boy. Her friend helps her be Charlotte and embraces that she is trangender.

Critical Details: • George's magazines were girl magazines. •George had to write a journal entry about what color she would be and she wanted to write pink but she didn't.  •Scott and George's mom thought she was gay and not transgender

Created by Katrina Gasper



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