Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz

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Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz

Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz

How how he saved the population of Danish JewsAnd Germany in the old times

Time Line


Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz was born on September 29, 1904 in Bremen where he lived in an old patritian family

Duckwitz left the Nazi party and worked in the Hamburg American line shipping company Then the third Reich assigned him to the German embassy in Copenhagen as a maritime attache in the Nazi occupation of Denmark

in 1943 the deportation plans were made that of the 7500 Jews 5000 would go by boat and the rest by bus to the concentration camp theresienstadt. Werner Best, the orginizer of the Gestapo told Duckwitz this

after the war Georg Duckwitz worked in Germay as embassidor of Denmark. On March 21, 1971, the Israeli government gave him the title Righteous Among the Nations and included him in the Yad Vashem memorial

When he found out about the Danish Jews who had to get to Nazi Germany he went to the German parliament to stop the transport of Jews. He failedHe then flew to Sweden and talked about smuggling the Danish Jews into neutral Sweden.

Duckwitzes plan was to smuggle the Jews to Sweden in the night with fishing boats. when the Nazis use their dogs to find out were Danish scientists found out a way to stop this: they mixed rabbit blood with cocaine, the blood attracted the dogs and the cocaine made their sense of smell useless.

After leaving college he was a buisness countries in Scandinavian countries. •He joined the Nazi Party in 1932 and worked for Alfred Rosenberg's foreign policy office but eventually left to work for the Hamburg America Line shipping company. In 1939 the Third Reich assigned him to the German embassy in Copenhagen


Duckwitz went to German occupied Denmark




Duckwitz died on the 16. February 1973, Bremen

of the Jews (less than 500)that went from Denmark to Germany the most survived. this happened because Danes pressured the Germans to take care of the Jews and that the red cross should come once in a while to check. unlike other countries the Danish Jews found there plants watered they´re pets fed and the homes cared by their friends and neighbors.

Nazi Germany is rising and one of their occupied countries is denmark. Denmark surenders and that is why the danishgovernment continued to function


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