Geology On Mars

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Geology On Mars

The arm of the rover Curiosity is very similar to a human arm. The arm lets the rover work as a human geologist would but the angles have to be very precise. The arm can grind away layers of the rock and take microscopic images. At the end of her arm is a turret. The turret is shaped like a cross. This turret is like a hand it has many tools that can spin through a 350-degree turning range. MAHLI is a camera on the rover's arm that shows microscopic images of rocks and soil.

Geology on Mars

How is Curisoity going to examine the rocks and soil on Mars surface?

• The rovers head is about 6.9 ft ( 2.1 meters ) • There are two remote – sensing science instruments that the mast (head) supports.1. The mast camera (also the eyes) it has stereo color viewing of nearby terrain material that is collect by the arm. 2. The Chemistry and Camera instrument uses a laser to vaporize a speck of material on rocks. The laser can shoot up to 23 feet away (7 meters.) • The purpose of the laser is to determine what elements the rocks are made of.

Curiosity collected the first material ever drilled from rocks on mars. Using her drill Curiosity got some material from a rock target called “John Klien”. • On Mars surface there are huge volcanos. The volcanos on mars can be 10 to 100 times bigger than the ones on earth. • Since Mars crust doesn’t move the way earths does, the lava from the volcano piles up into one huge volcano.

• The rover can observe rocks and soil on earth surface with tools that are attached to the end of the rovers arm. The rovers arm can extend about 7 feet ( 2 meters .)• Two of the instruments on the arm are used to study rocks up close. • A drill on the rover can gather sample material from inside of rocks and can pick and scoop up samples of soil.• The arm can filter the samples that it has found and bring fine power to instruments inside the rover to be studied.


Curisoity has equipment that can process and gather different samples of things like soil and rocks. These instruments distribute the rocks and soil into test chambers onboard Curisoity.


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