Geology of Ocean

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by Tehescmarts
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Geology of Ocean

Geology of the Ocean

Geology of the Ocean

Origins of Oceans

Early EarthPlate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Glog

Mantle Convection

MidOcean Ridges

Google Earth Ocean


1 Canyon Drain Ocean

2 Hawaii Drain Ocean

Finding Fish Sonar

3 Mid-Ocean Drain Ocean

4 Hydro-thermalVentDrain Ocean

5 Abyssal Plain Drain Ocean

Shelf Slope

6 Trench Landslide Drain Ocean

Coral Reef Atoll



Wegener Song

Island Arc




  • 2979jake 9 years ago

    2979jake's avatar

    nice glog i love the ocean so i had to check out this rad glog(:

  • cancina35 8 years ago

    cancina35's avatar

    you sure are into ocean stuff impressive

  • Tehescmarts 8 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    Thank you. The ocean is fantastic.

  • babysammy 8 years ago

    babysammy's avatar

    i like the rainbow

  • Tehescmarts 7 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    What is your favorite part? Mine is the Wegner song. Now everybody sing! Wee haw!!!! Continental drift--oh yeah!

  • whiter710 7 years ago

    whiter710's avatar

    I can't get the videos to work. Any hints?