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What they do Geologist study the earth, its history, its composition, and its constantly changing character.They study Igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary rocks. They locate oil, natural gas and groundwater. They also work in fields and/or laboratory.

Fossil fuelsGeologist find many fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, brine, coal, and lignite. Coal is a combustible black or brownish black sedimentary rock. Lignite is a low rank, brownish - black coal. Natural gas consist of combustible hydrocarbons which are gaseous at ordinary temperatures and pressures.

What they doIf you worked in geology you might work a rock hammer, a drilling rig, a microscope, and a computer. You might use mining material. You might work with oil, gas, water, and rocks. You might also work field work or laboratory."

SalaryGeologist make around 50k to over 80k. They could make about from $39,726 - $132,860. Recently it has ranged from 50k to 100k. Geologist earn an average of about $83,000.

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CollegeGeologist have to go to college. The courses relate to computers, geography and communication. A bachelor degree is required. PHD programs may range from 3 years. The minimum training required is a four year college degree.


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