Geological Timeline of the Earth

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Geological Timeline of the Earth

Geological Time line of Earth

Seventh Gradeb.Students know the history of life on Earth has been disrupted by major catastrophic events, such as major volcanic eruptions or the impacts of asteroids.

Earth 4.6 Billion years old


Estimate age of Earth solar system"Cambrian Explosion"

Largest mass extinction happend 251 million years ago90% of ocean life and 78% of land life died. Scientist are not sure what cause it but think it was due to climate change & valcanoes.But Reptiles and amphibians survived

All of the Dinosaurs and half of animals & plants went extinctScientist think an asteriod hit earth and dust clouds blocked out the sun. Plants died then herbivores, then carnivorse

Mondern humans develop and ice sheets are predominate-Ice age

Rapid heating of Earth and mass extinction

Enviroment changes on earth are usally an indicator of species extinction(or species addition). These changes can be brought about by an astorid or comet impact, volcanic activity, or climate change like an onset of ice age.


Permian Extinction


Cretaceous - TertiaryExtinction



Paleocence/Eocene Thermal Maximum

Last great Ice age beginPleistocene

Earth's Time Line

Earth's major Catastrophics

mya- millions years ago

1mya Modern Humans developed.

Climate change:Paleozoic-warm shallow seas and tropical climates , and life forms could not adaptMesozoic-plate movement shifted continents only certain life forms could adapt to extreme changes in tempIce ages: many times have occured , cuased polar reversals or variation inthe tilt of earth and not aminals could survive to cold or warming climate

Volcanic Activity:During Precambrian- it was extremely hot and most life forms could not exist under these conditionsVolcanism -produces mass quanities of ash and volatile gases, wind carry these into the upper atmosohere all alround the world, this will have an effect on all living thingsVolcanismm - is a byproduct of tectonic plate collision


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