geologic time

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geologic time

Understanding Geologic Time

Earth Changes Over Time

National Geographic Prehistoric Timeline

Geologic Time

Learning Objectives Students will be able to… dentify current methods for measuring the age of Earth and its different parts. (SC.7.E.6.3) Define “radioactive dating” as a method used for measuring the age of Earth and its parts. (SC.7.E.6.3) Explain how scientific knowledge has changed due to new evidence or interpretations. (SC.7.N.2.1) Describe methods used in the pursuit of a scientific explanation. (SC.7.N.1.5) Give examples of physical evidence that support theories that Earth has evolved over geologic time. (SC.7.E.6.4) Analyze the benefits and limitations of models in science. (SC.7.N.3.2)

Smithsonian - The Story of a Changing Earth

University of California Museum of Paleontology



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