Geologic Change over time

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Geologic Change over time

Lesson 4, The Geologic Time Scale

Defenitions Geology- The study of the origin, history, and the structure of the EarthGeologic time scale- Divides Earth's history into intervals of time defined by major events or changes on Earth

This Supercontient is called Pangea. It is a really big continent formed by the combining of all of our continents today. It was formed in the Mesozoic Era.

This lesson talks about the geologic time scale and how it works.

Mammals, such as this one were abundant in the Cenozoic Era, but there was a very small amount of mammals in the Mesozoic Era.

There are 4 different eras in the geologic time scale. The eras were the, Pecambrian Time, the Paleozoic Era, the Mesozoic Era, and the Cenozoic Era.

Fish and other sea creatures ruled over the earth during the Paleozoic Era.

Dinosaurs, such as these once ruled the earth in the Mesozoic Era.

Kyle Brooks

Another fact on this lesson is that gradual and suuden changes formed the Grand Canyon.

One other fact from this lesson is Earth's land creatures started to form in the Mesozoic Era.

A fun fact about this lesson is that India and Euraisa collided to form the Himalayas.


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