Geologic Change over time

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Geologic Change over time

By: Caitlyn Kleine

Unit 2 Lesson 1Geologic Change Over Time

Scientists can drill down into icecaps to collect a long cylinder of ice called an ice core.

The rings of a tree's circumference tells the age of the tree.

A fossilized structure that formed in sedimentary rock by animal activity on or in sediment is called a trace fossil.

Sedimentary rock shows rock history by composition and texture and features.

The climate of an area describes the weather conditions in the area over a long period of time.

Trees, sea-floor sediments, and ice can tell us about Earth's climate history.

Animals or organisms can be preserved as fossils in many ways.

All of the fossils that have been discovered on Earth are are called the fossil record.

The priniciple of uniformitarianism states that geologic processes that happened in the past can be explained by current geologic processes.

Insect trapped in amber

Sea-floor sediment are studied because they have fossil remains of microscopic organisms that have died and settled on the ocean floor.


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