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Energy & Environment

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A volcano is a mountain built of molten rock or vent thats pours out volcanic ash/ molten rock.

Volcanic eruptions are so powerful it alters land and water and tiny liquid droplets of sulfuric acid into the stratosphere can change our planets climate. It forces people to abandon their homes or lands for safety.

Vunerability to natural disasters:

Measuring Volcanic Eruptions:

Volcanic Eruption of ALL TIME!

1.)The most famous eruptions of ALL TIME is Mt. Vesuvius in southern Italy in A.D. 79, ash covered the cities of Pompeii and Stabeiae.

2.) Krakatoa, in 1883 on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa erupted with 13,000 times the power of an atomic bomb.

To Protect yourself from volcanoes:

1.)If you are outside, go inside.

2.) Turn off all fans ,heating, air conditioning systems.

3.) Bring pets/livestocks into closed shelters.



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