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Earth Sciences

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Ring of FireThe Ring of Fire is in the Pacific Ocean, and there about 80 percent of tsunamis happen. It is known as the Ring of Fire becuase there is ring of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean. That results from subduction of oceanic plates beneath lighter continental plates, causing lots of earthquakes and volcanis erruption, which set of tsunamis.

1) A tsunamis is a series of large ocean waves that can reach heights over 100 feet2)Tsunamis are usually caused by underwater earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.3) There is very little you can do against a 10 or 20-meter tsunami. The best protection is nature itself, for example the coral reefs.

After a tsunami in Sendai, a helicopter delivering food donated from Ebina City, Japan, to survivors of the tsunami.

A ruined village near the coast of Sumatra after the 2004 tsunami.

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Magnitude Scale Since tsunamis are caused most oftenly by underwater earthquakes, tsunamis magnitude is scaled on the Richter Scale, that is used for earthquakes. The higher the number, the more damage is done.

The wave frome a tsunami crashes over a street in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture in Northeastern Japan.

Rescuers pull survivers from beneath mounds of rubble after a terrible earthquake and small tsunami.


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