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Social Studies
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Watch to learn about NC Regions

North Carolina Resources Click on North Carolina resources to find out North Carolina's resources. Then add your research to your bubble map. Answer question in Geography response journal.

You and your teammates must determine how people depend on the physical environment and natural resources to meet all of their basic needs.

Geography Mission: Where should I settle?

NC Population Map

What are resources found on the map that you use?

North Carolina Agriculture Video

The physical geography of an area was very important to early people when they were deciding on the site for a new settlement.Site Factors:- Water Supply- a clean supple of water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Water could be taken from a river or a well.- Relief- the area needed to be high enough to be safe from flooding but low enough to be sheltered from strong winds- Transport- near a river or the coast to have easier access to other settlements.- Soil- deep fertile soil to make it easier to farm crops and rear animals.- Resources- a source of timber or rock was needed for building. Wood was needed as fuel for heat and cooking.

Situation or position refers to the location of the village or town in relation to surrounding areas. If a settlement had good access to natural resources, and to other settlements, it would grow in size. Many settlements with good sit and situation have grown to large cities.


Read about Site Factors

NC Resource Map



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