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Earth Sciences

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This image above is the Mississippi Delta. Deltas form at the mouth of large rivers. These Deltas are formed by sediments and silt accumulating over a period of time instead of being washed away by currents or ocean waves. A Delta is constructive and distrutive force because it builds up off of the earths surface and erodes away sediments when going down stream.



This image aboue is a Glacier flowing into Lake Fryxell, Canada. Any Glaciers are a slow moving mass or a river of ice.Glaciers may move one to two inches a year but when moves, the glacier erodes the ground and rock. A Glacier is a distrutive and construtive force because it erodes and gradually breaks down rock and leaves behind sediments.

This image is the 130-foot-high entrance of the painted cave. Sea Caves are formed by the pounding of water against the shoreline. As well as wind carrying sediment or sand constantly beating on weak spots of the cave. A Sea Cave is a distructive force because its a process in which rock gradually breaks down over a period of time such as erosion or weathering.

Sea Caves


This image above is taken on the island Anguilla. A beach is a strip of land that borders a body of water. Beaches form as waves deposit sand and other sediment on the shore. Wind also helps pus these sediments inland. A Beach is a constructive force beacuse water, waves and wind carry sediment to create land.

This image is know as the, "Old Man Hoy."Sea stacks are blocks of eroded rock isolated from the land by sea. Sea stacks begin as part of a headland or sea cliff. Until the pounding of waves eroding the weaker parts of a rock first. Sea Stacks are distructive force becuase the pounding of waves erodes the rock away leaving a Sea Stack.

Sea Stacks

This image above is taken at Guamo Embarcadero, Cuba. A meander is formed when moving water in a stream erodes the outer banks and widens its valley. A Meander is destructive because it breaks down the land by eroding sediment away.




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